What is the highest form of adultery?

It is when someone plays on your transparency to cover up their inefficiencies.

When they manoeuvre your honesty to fit in their deductions.

When they make you feel guilty while cherishing their own delinquencies.

One would think that cheating on someone would be the worst.

But, how would you feel after a length of a substantial period of time when you realize that not just were you played on but you are held responsible for their behavior.

Caught in a delirium to make all things right, you end up ruining your dignity all for the glorification of their falsity.

And on top of everything you are not even left with the consolation that at least a part of the time that you spent together was genuine.

For the rest of your lives you would be left wondering when was the moment they stopped feeling and started pretending,

Carefully dissecting every incident etched in your memory and trying to read their intentions.

What are the odds of coming across two such people within the span of four years, each with a different designation but ending with the same fate?

Somewhere the guilt compounds further and hints that you are the one who is wrong, and you break your mind and head trying hard to gape into your soul.

You wonder if there is so much darkness within you that the light you thought was seeping in has been helplessly engulfed by it.

And in some silent corner in your mind you wonder whether you made the right decision to bare your soul to these people whom you trusted with every inch of your existence.

But one fine day, you realize somewhere within that the cares and attachments have all evaporated from them;

And with time the invisibility rises its ugly head; the way they talk, they look at you, the way they treat you, the way they behave around you: Everything changes.

And before you know, they have moved on to someone else; you are replaced. You try to, too. Only to try and find them in someone else.



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