Pretty little liars


It is one thing for someone to talk about you with a bad air, ridicule you or downright strip you off your respect due to certain state of affairs. It is a completely different thing all together for them to lament and talk about the seemingly great times you spent together in the past with the same sort of ridicule. It rips you apart. Completely. You find yourself fighting your tears, hoping that they would not betray your resolve; but you cannot help being bewildered. You can not bring yourself to look at them when they talk ugly about you, but every word that they say about you, every single word hangs on to you, clings to your skin like some leech hanging on desperately feeding off of your blood. You try to shut the words out. You plug in your earphones and listen to the hardest of rock music on full volume, to drown those hurtful words almost to the point where you feel that your brain will explode out of your skull. You feel a sharp pain impinge your forehead and the strongest of black tea doesn’t come to your rescue. You hear them deride you while merrily hanging out with the rest and doing the exact things for which they find your existence to be objectionable. You do not know whether you should laugh at their hypocrisy or be sad that they do not find you likeable anymore, despite you being the same as before. You remind yourself that you are not going to cry or feel sad however hard they might try and then they come up with another scornful remark evoking all those hard fought memories of the heartbreak- of losing the love of your life. They belittle you, strengthening their stands, that you are not someone people would want to spend the rest of their lives with. And you find your resolve melting down as the huge, warm dollops of tears rolling down relentlessly down your cheeks; which you quickly stow away in a handkerchief, taking care that no one finds out about it. But everyone eventually does so, and you unknowingly add yet one more word to their ridicule list- “attention seeker”. You wonder how effortlessly all the gestures of care and concern had given way to absolute hatred and rage in a matter of a year and you do a soul search to find where you actually went wrong. You start breaking down and you realize that these people are calling you promiscuous while they are doing the same things behind closed doors. You marvel at the falsity of the words that tumbled out of their mouth like a scorned river flowing turbulently breaking all the dams on its path. And suddenly you find yourself feeling obligated to the situations that led you to unmasking these people whom you once revered. You realise that they were the most beautiful, most magnificient lies you have ever lived.


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