How do people acquire the art of pretension so well?

How do they make you believe that all they used to say at one point of time- their concerns, well wishes- were true?

How do they escape unharmed once their veil of pretension falls down?

How do they manage to place hatred so conveniently once where care resided?

How do they become so impervious to all the pain they cause?

How do they become so indifferent that they do not stop short even once while spewing venomous words?


I had convinced myself that some relationships no matter how beautiful and how precious; does not last.

I had dragged myself against my will to stop myself from stooping lower than I should have so that there was one last shot at these relationships.

But I was not prepared for today.

I was not prepared for the years that were invested to build these relationships to be labelled as a “mistake”, something which was bad.

I thought I had the memories to live with, but now I know that everything was a lie, something that was regretted.

Now I don’t know whether I can cry over a broken relationship, because I don’t know whether there was one at all.



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