Memoirs of Eid

“I have never tasted haleem”.

“Really? Okay, I will prepare it for you.”

“Achha? Will it be any good? Hehe.”

“Eat and then say. I am a good cook!”

“Time will tell. But it takes a lot of time to prepare, isn’t it?”

“Yes it does. It’s all about slow cooking the beef and stew….”


“Oh…You never had beef either, did you?”

“No…Mum would freak out if I did..”

“Hmmm in that case….”

“I will eat it, don’t worry..”

“Are you sure?”

“Definitely! ”


“Because you would prepare it for me..”

“So? There’s no compulsion for you to eat it..”

“That would be my Eidi.”

“The haleem?”

“No…you cooking for me..even if it is beef..”

“You are crazy!”

“Yeah (don’t you know)….for you!”



Two years down the line, haleem has never tasted the same again.



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